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Who We Are

Zeki Jaan is an experiential educational space for children to learn how to altruistically create technology for the benefit of humanity. Our main resource for teaching is LEGO Education. We want or students to know the world better, know themselves better and see the needs of others. We want our students to think altruistically to change for the generations to come. We encourage independent thinking, creativity, autonomy over their learning. We want our students to take risks and know that they are in a safe place to do so. We want them to do what humans do best, learn.

This is what we love to do.



Our goal is to teach children that technology, creativity and the humanities must be bridged together. We live in a crucial time where if we don't teach our children a humane way to use technology and privacy then the future is dreary.


If your child is a LEGO lover and has a birthday coming up we have the solution for you! We’ll make your child a LEGO wonderland filled with hands-on LEGO activities, explorations stations and arts and crafts. To top it all off we play fun whole group LEGO for all kids to enjoy!

Teachers Training

Interested in implementing a LEGO Education program in your school or play school? Or are your teachers' lessons falling flat in the classroom? Are your students engaged and learning beyond rote memorization? Teaching can be extremely difficult especially for new teachers,................

Instructional Design

Emine Sharma also offers instructional design solutions to K-12, universities and corporate settings. Instructional design is the process of taking drab content and making it more efficient, effective, engaging and appealing for the learner. She has offered E-learning solutions using Learning Management Systems such as Articulate and Captivate.

The Vision

We aim to provide children a space to explore themselves, their creativity and happily tap into their true potential while learning.


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