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Zeki Jaan is an experiential educational space for children to learn how to altruistically create technology for the benefit of humanity. Our main resource for teaching is LEGO Education. We want our students to know the world better, know themselves better and see the needs of others. We want our students to think altruistically to change for the generations to come. We encourage independent thinking, creativity, autonomy over their learning. We want our students to take risks and know that they are in a safe place to do so. We want them to do what humans do best, learn.

Our Skills

Teacher Training95%
Illuminated Cities Project90%
Birthday Parties95%
instructional design 100%



Human life is not without cause. Every interaction we have is an opportunity to bring happiness to others. Human life is so precious, so valuable, not to be taken for granted. Human potential is so grand. How can we make sure our students, your children, start their journey of discovering their human potential at a younger age? How do we teach them to strengthen their positive qualities and stay strong during times of adversity?
My name is Emine and I’m a teacher and founder of Zeki Jaan. I’ve been teaching for nearly 10 years now ranging from classroom teaching, corporate training, and even special education. I currently wear many hats starting with being a LEGO Robotics teacher, I teach all the LEGO classes for Zeki Jaan (alongside my awesome assistants), I’m an Instructional Designer, gymnastics teacher, and a lifelong student. I have my B.S. in Special Education (Cognitive Impairments) and my M.Ed in Instructional Design, Human Performance, and Training