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I am Back

It has been awhile since I have posted. But a lot has been going on personally and I’m finally feeling like my normal self. I cannot thank all my families enough for being so supportive and patient. Very grateful for all of you.

I was going to wait to post anything, but the last couple of weeks have been going so well I wanted to share. I’ll include links where needed.

A massive STEAM Bundle pack of activities was 90% off and filled with really cool ideas. In there was a unit on space missions, provided by Kids STEAM Lab. Space seems to be the theme of the moment with First LEGO League so I decided  to align all my class.

Week One

We started off the unit by having the kids design their own space rocket. We read a book on the very basics of Rocket Science with the oh so fitting “Rocket Science for Babies” (which the kids love by the way). Then we talked about the three major parts of a rocket (wings, tube and nose). The kids had to sketch their design and then they were free to build away. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Just a reminder to tap into their imaginations as much as possible.

Week Two

Then moving on, their rocket had successfully landed on a new habitable planet. So here we talked about various habitats and what we now believe a planet would need to sustain any level of life. Again we went through the design process of sketch – build – improve. This was the more creative, cute activity. We had a tundra called “Snow Fat” and even planets made of ice-cream stands. The literature tied with this week was “How to Catch a Star”.

Week Three

This week was fun because we brought the mechanical aspect back. Their mission was to design a space rover that could move around the planet. Here we used WeDo to motorize the rovers and program them to move. This did require a little more attention and guidance to make sure their driving gears were in place so the rover actually moved. But nonetheless they had complete ownership of the design and they were pretty proud kiddos.

Coming Up…

Our LEGO astronauts will be launched into space and hopefully land safely with our DIY parachutes.

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